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Welcome to Green Hippo Provisioning

Our Mission: Setting an Industry Standard in Cannabis Testing Requirements

Do You Recognize Healthy Cannabis in This Lenient Market?

Do You Recognize Healthy Cannabis in This Lenient Market?

cannabis dispensary lawton michigan

At Green Hippo provisioning, located in the Countryside of Michigan, our mission transcends the ordinary. We’re not just about selling cannabis; we’re about pioneering a movement towards sustainable, healthy cannabis use. Our commitment to transparency and education defines our approach, aiming to enlighten our community on the impact of sustainable cannabis on long-term health.

Empowerment Through Education

Empowerment Through Education

cannabis lawton michigan

Certified Standard Testing Booklet!
Our Certified Standard Testing booklet, accessible through QR codes that will be on all our packaging in the near future, be sure to keep an eye out. This booklet can be acquired in-store and is your gateway to understanding the comprehensive standards our products undergo, including pesticides and cleaners.

Our Goal:
To elevate the conversation around cannabis consumption. Through stringent testing criteria and educational initiatives, we aim to enhance awareness and advocate for a healthier, more informed community.

A Culture of Sustainable Cannabis Consumption

A Culture of Sustainable Cannabis Consumption

weed dispensary lawton michigan

At Green Hippo Provisioning, we’re not just a store; we’re a family-owned beacon for change. By promoting a culture of informed usage and product safety, we strive to empower our customers to make enlightened choices, ensuring the products they enjoy are not only natural and safe but also cultivated with the utmost care for quality and environmental sustainability.

Our Pledge:
To uphold the highest standards in the industry, prioritizing public health and contributing to a responsible cannabis market. Our store is a testament to our dedication, where we celebrate natural cultivation methods free from chemicals or radiation.

Our Community and Industry Impact

Our Community and Industry Impact

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Supporting Values, Educating Our Community:
We’re more than a dispensary; we’re a movement. By focusing on education over competition, we aim to enlighten not just the people of Michigan but also our peers in the industry. Our efforts extend to shedding light on broader issues affecting our health and environment, advocating for a future where knowledge and well-being prevail.

Join Our Journey:
As we continue to grow, our vision includes not just selling quality cannabis but also fostering a community garden, offering educational classes, and building a network of like-minded individuals and vendors. Your support fuels our mission, helping us make a meaningful difference in our community and beyond.

Green Hippo Provisioning:
A New Era
of Cannabis

Green Hippo Provisioning: A New Era of Cannabis

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Educate, Not Compete:
In a world where the line between beneficial and harmful can blur, we stand as a trusted guide. Our focus is on genuine well-being, rejecting the quick profit mentality in favor of a deeper, more sustainable approach. Join us in redefining the cannabis experience, where health, education, and integrity lead the way.

Your Support Matters:
Navigating the challenges of visibility as a family-owned operation, we’re reaching out to those who seek a different kind of cannabis dispensary—one rooted in the values of transparency, quality, and community. Help us spread the word, and together, let’s cultivate a healthier, more informed Michigan.

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Your journey towards a safer, more enlightened cannabis experience starts here. Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast or new to the world of cannabis, we welcome you with open arms. Let’s build a brighter future together, one leaf at a time.

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Call (269)359-1189 if you have any questions!


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Every second Wednesday of the month, we close early at 6:30 PM to attend our local Township board meeting. Thank you for your understanding!

Closed August 16th-18th 2024 for Camp Compost!

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