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Green Hippo Provisioning FAQs

10% Off for Medical Patients

10% Off for Veterans

We have a fully operational ATM

CASH ONLY. Credit cards are NOT accepted, However we have an ATM In-Store

You must currently be 21 years of age or older to enter or purchase from Green Hippo Provisioning.

We are in the process of working towards a medical license and will eventually be able to accept medical patients under the age of 21.

A driver license, State issued identification card, or passport is required to make a purchase.

 At Green Hippo Provisioning, our distinctive approach centers on unwavering morals when it comes to the healing properties of cannabis. Unlike many in Michigan, we’re not pursuing a ‘get rich quick’ scheme or engaging in local or statewide competition. Our focus is on educating the people of our state.

Our vision expands beyond cannabis to shed light on broader issues in the food industry, Big Agriculture, centralized hospitals, and Big Pharma. Concentrating on the impactful cannabis industry, our goal is to illuminate the entire state of Michigan with self-knowledge about health and this remarkable plant.

We don’t compete; we educate. Additionally, we actively support friends who share our values and aim to welcome more vendors and friends in the future who align with our moral compass.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards a healthier, more informed community including classes and a community garden someday!

Green Hippo Provisioning is an upcoming, family-owned, and operated “Medical grade” recreational retail store. We are committed to empowering consumers with knowledge so they can make informed decisions for their health. Our services include:

  1. Recreational Retail: We offer a wide range of “Medical grade” recreational cannabis products From Craft Farmers to cater to the preferences and needs of our customers.
  2. Processing License: We are actively working to obtain a processing license, which will allow us to offer even more diverse and high-quality cannabis products.
  3. Medical Retail: In the near future, we’ll be adding a medical retail section, providing specialized products and services for medical cannabis patients.

Visit our Mission page to learn more about our dedication to education and product quality.

Flower/bud, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers/cartridges, topicals, CBD products, and non-cannabis adaptogen tinctures 

We received our official licensing on August 7th 2023 but our commitment to high standards had made the process of sourcing products that meet our stringent testing criteria more time-consuming. At Green Hippo Provisioning, we prioritize safety, and we won’t sell products unless we are confident in their quality. 

This dedication to quality had led us to delay our opening until November 1st 2023 to ensure that we could provide our patients and REC consumers with the products they truly deserve. 

Green Hippo Provisioning FAQs

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Call (269)359-1189 if you have any questions!


10% Off for Veterans

10% Off for Medical Patients

->NEW! Half Ounce Price Breaks on All Flower moving forward! We believe everyone deserves the best prices, now you can enjoy the benefits of bulk savings with just a half ounce purchase.

Plan In Advance:

Dear Customers,

Every second Wednesday of the month, we close early at 6:30 PM to attend our local Township board meeting. Thank you for your understanding!

Closed August 16th-18th 2024 for Camp Compost!

Open Monday-Saturday unless posted otherwise here!

Much Love, Green Hippo Provisioning

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